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The products of Uw Installateur B. van Erve in Amsterdam

As installers with a long history of experience with good products, we offer a collection of our own. You can find central heating systems, fireplaces, stoves, geysers and sanitary facilities in our shop. You can also order different articles with us, of course. Would you like to make a purchase? We would be happy to install and maintain the device for you.

Buying a central heating system in Amsterdam

Various brands of fireplaces and stoves

A stove or a fireplace is more efficient than a central heating system in terms of energy consumption. What’s more, a stove makes for an atmospheric addition to the house. But it is really important that you maintain the heat source. We advise you to have the chimney cleaned every year. We also advise you to have your fireplace or stove maintained properly. We will tell you more about that during your purchase.

You can find wood and gas stoves of the following brands in our shop:

  • Dru

  • Pelgrim

  • Thermocet

  • Elemnt4

You could also take a look at the selection of our supplier.[

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Geysers are a cheap solution for heating your water. They heat quickly and efficiently, but do require good maintenance. You want to stay healthy. The experienced employees of Uw Installateur B. van Erve will inform you in detail about the operation of our various brands. If necessary, someone can come to your home for tailor-made advice, without any obligation.

We sell geysers by (amongst others):

  • Vaillant

  • Bosch

  • Nefit

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Ook voor sanitair vindt u in de winkel van Uw Installateur B. van Erve veel keus. Bij wastafels is gebruikersgemak natuurlijk belangrijk, maar speelt esthetiek de belangrijkste rol. Wat past er het beste bij uw interieur? Een bak met strakke, rechte lijnen, of juist eerder iets met rondingen? En welk formaat is handig? Onze deskundige medewerkers adviseren u hierin graag.

We sell washbasins of the following brands, amongst others

  • Villeroy & Boch

  • Venlo

  • Sphinx

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Our shop offers various types of taps for kitchens and bathrooms. Washbasin, shower, bath or bidet: we have the perfect tap for you. There are more or less distinctive varieties. Let our employees advise you when you make your choice.

We have taps of the following brands, amongst others:

  • Grohe

  • Bosch

  • Kludi

  • VB

  • Venlo

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