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Plumber and gas installer in Amsterdam

A well-maintained gas and water installation. That is how you can prevent damage and safety risks. But once a defect or a leak occurs, it is important to act quickly. Uw Installateur B. van Erve will be happy to help you with proper maintenance. This means less costs and less problems for you. But if something does break down, we will be with you in no time within the Amsterdam region.

Plumbing in Amsterdam

A good water installation starts with a clever construction. The most important rule is that the pipes should always be as short as possible and should lead to the drain as quickly as possible. However, the connections also have to fit the plan, of course.

Maintenance is essential
Even the best installation can get clogged up. Grease residue sticks to the wall, some hairs remain, food remains accumulate, and slowly a clot is formed. You can avoid this by regularly having your installations inspected by an expert.

Dripping tap, leakage or odour nuisance
Countless problems can be solved by a plumber. Uw Installateur B. van Erve will help you with leakages, a lack of hot water, clogs or odours from the drain. Call us to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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Installations on the gas network

Do you smell gas? Close the main valve immediately and call Uw Installateur B. van Erve. We will make sure that you can safely cook and use the warm water without any problems again. Feel free to contact us if you want to have your installation checked or if the heating of the room or the water has stopped working.

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