Warm and dry thanks to your installer

Uw Installateur B. van Erve works in and around Amsterdam

You are trying to sleep, but the tap is dripping in the hollow metal washbasin in the kitchen. Or it suddenly gets cold in the house, because the heating has stopped working. In these situations, you contact Uw Installateur B. van Erve. We will be on site as soon as possible in the entire Amsterdam region, and will immediately solve your problem for you.

A broadly specialised installer near you in Amsterdam

Uw Installateur B. van Erve has years of experience with various types of installations. Central heating systems, fireplaces, heaters, geysers and sanitary facilities are all within our areas of expertise. We are a member of UNETO-VNI, which guarantees the quality of our work. You can count on us for both new installations and reparations.

Chimney sweep
For us as an installation company from Amsterdam, the safety of our customers, our fellow residents, is very important. That is why Uw Installateur B. van Erve has a chimney sweep certification. You will always breathe air that is safe.

Family business on Ceintuurbaan

Every inhabitant of Amsterdam will regularly pass by the lively Ceintuurbaan. The family business Van Erve has been located here, at number 212, since 1932. The first two generations smithed fireplaces, but Uw Installateur B. van Erve is specialised in more areas. Although the facade has changed slightly over the years, the place remains recognisable as that of the van Erve family.

CO alarms tested

For some stoves and geysers, it is important to use a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that you cannot see or smell. It is released when incomplete combustion occurs due to insufficient air supply. This happens very rarely, but it is important to keep in mind. The NVWA researches the effectiveness of various alarms. Some of them are safe, others are not. We strongly encourage you to go through this research thoroughly and to choose a safe alarm.

The brands that we work with.

We are experts of the following brands, amongst others:

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